The Nylander Contract

Willian Nylander deserves a new contract. But in my opinion the Leafs must consider that Mitch Marner, Austin Mathews, and John Tavares deserve considerably more money than William Nylander.  They are simply better players who go to the dirty areas of the ice and battle hard for the puck. Max Pacioretty is a William Nylander type player. He floats to the outside, is not so hot defensively but has a great shot.

Maybe the order on the Leafs team in terms of forward talent and effort/want to win is;

1) John Tavares (11 million per year)

2) Austin Mathews and Mitch Marner,

3) William Nylander

(Forwards only not considering the considerable efforts of Morgan Rielly or Frederik Andersen)

Likely William deserves in the 6 million range.  He is a good player, who might one day become a great player.  Unfortunately for him, he has to develop before the big dollars come. If he insists on more, then offer a bridge contract.  If he doesn’t accept, then trade him.  Don’t get me wrong, I want him to play for the Leafs.  He is a good play and has chemistry with Mathews.  Agents/players are sometimes delusional about worth.  Also consider Toronto is the biggest hockey city in Canada where hockey is a religion.  Endorsements could make up any small shortcoming, after all the Leafs are Canada’s team.

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