Saving Canada

Saving Canadian Jobs

I care about my children, relatives and my neighbors; I want them to succeed today and in the future. “Real” jobs are hard to acquire. Jobs in the service industry are on the increase. Manufacturing jobs are very limited. Fewer jobs than yesteryear have pension plans and upper end jobs require more education and experience whilst being offered at reduced salaries because of greater competition.

I remember as a child walking through a hardware store on Markham main street.  It was the 1970’s  A small town of about a thousand at the time.  I was fascinated by all of the red maple leafs tied to each of the products in the store.  Each leaf stated made in Canada.  Not so many leafs anymore.  They have almost gone extinct.  We have lost the manufacturing jobs.

How do we fix the problem? How do we fire up the economy and put the middle class into decant jobs?  We, the people need to change. We buy the cheapest goods on the shelf, we go to dollar stores, and we buy foreign made goods irrespective of who made them and their quality. We essentially export our wealth to foreign countries (even those who keep their currency at artificial levels). The more wealth we export the less our children will have. Do not be fooled; when foreign companies assemble their products in Canada, they export their profits home. Wealth increases abroad and the wealth in Canada goes down as we continue to be traitors to our own homeland. Each car, each dollar store item, each toaster, each TV, we leave less for our children. Less wealth and fewer jobs in Canada.  Why did our leaders open the door to free trade?   I’ll never know.  I guess our politicians sold us out.  We have resources like oil, uranium, lumber, steel etc that others want regardless of free trade deals.

I worked for a foreign company at one time. We bought components from the foreign mother company at a large mark up, such that we effectively made no money here and paid no tax.

Buy from Canadian based companies with actual manufacturing sites (not assembly sites). Loyalty and commitment to these firms will help bring the manufacturing jobs back and give work to our fellow citizens and children. Let’s get back to the glory days. Let’s bring the jobs and wealth home. Let’s put Canadians back to work. Our children’s future is in our hands. We control our their fate.

The big question is do we have the self control to buy Canadian, or are we so driven by greed that we undermine ourselves, our children and our country?  Unfortunately we already know the truth in our hearts.

note: I own two domestics.    What do you drive?


GM Oshawa

GM Oshawa


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