Mitch Marner – The Captain of the Leafs

We all watch the games and we see the new killer.  Not the killer from the 93-94 playoff run, but the young one.  The Dougie Gilmour version two.  This boy drips talent and controls the ice.  He is everywhere and nowhere,  he is magic when he moves or passes.  Let’s let the boy take the lead.  He works hard in the playoffs and every regular season game.   He could work with and lead the likes of John Tavares, Zach Hyman, Frederik Andersen, Morgan Rielly and Kasperi Kapanen who shine every game with their talent and efforts.

We all see what Marner can do. He is the new Gilmour.  Let’s let him lead the team.  He is the natural choice, the only sensible choice for captain.  He never gives up.  The top producer in points for the leafs. He is not a floater, but rather the leader.