The Bruins Lose the Cup Final 2019

It is fantastic that the Boston Bruins failed to win the cup final.  I am not a Boston Bruins fan.  I don’t like the licking, sucker punches, slew footing or the brutality of this team.  The NHL is trying to remove the antics of the Bruins from the NHL.  Yet the team persists based on violence and intimidation.  More like the Broad Street bullies of old.  Not the ballet on ice that the NHL purports it wants to see. Just violence and poor sportsmanship harking back to days of old. Thank you Tukka Rask for tonight. Thank you. Let hockey become what it can evolve into. Do not take us back to when physical play and dirty plays trumped actual talent. I love the open ice skating, the passing, the scoring in the modern NHL. Not the cheap hits nor the injuries of the retro Boston Bruins. Our children are watching the game. Let’s have a clean game without the poor sportsmanship. The Boston Bruins lost. I can’t say it enough. Congratulations St.Louis, Your boys are a class act. The Blues deserved this one.


Boston Bruins Lose Cup final in 2019. The best team wins for our children and the future of hockey.