Hockey is Canada’s Religion (Which Canadian Team will win the Cup?)

There are two teams that hold a special historic place in the heart of Canadians.   Both are original six teams. The Leafs (Toronto Maple Leafs) and the Habs (Montreal Canadiens).  Both have not won the cup this millennium and only the elderly understand what it is to win a cup in Montreal and Toronto.  It was a different era with trap hockey and no hooking calls. Hockey has emerged as fast puck moving high speed game in the new millennium. Hockey is religion in Canada, we visit the temples to view our gods.  The most popular show in Canada is Hockey Night in Canada.  We are a hockey nation and Toronto is the capital.

The Habs are on a masterful rebuild liquidating P.K. Subban, Alexander Radulov, Alex Galchenyuk and Andrei Markov in hopes of a top draft pick.  Montreal is going by the slogan “Lose for Hughes”.  The elite draft candidate of 2019.  The team they will ice in 2018-2019 is dismal, but it might pay off in the upcoming years throught the tank.   Likely in the range of 3-5 years for that club to be competitive again. Expect pain for a few years there.  I hope they succeed, I want to see a Leafs-Habs rivalry again.

Tanking Montreal

Montreal Tank

The Leafs, Canada’s Team leads the country in viewership and revenue.  Canada has gotten behind this franchise with it’s fantastic offense (Marnier, Mathews, Nylander and Traverse).  Will we see a Stanley cup in the near future from this group?  I should mention that there is another good Canadian team in the mix…The Winnipeg Jets and if the stars align we could see them win the cup before Toronto.  But Alas….any Canadian team winning the cup would be great for hockey in Canada,  No Canadian team has won the prize this millennium in this new age of offensive hockey (Vancouver Canucks did get close in 2011). The race for the Stanley Cup in Canada is on in the new millennium, which Canadian city will win?

Montreal and Toronto won the most and second most Stanley Cups.  Most of these cups were under  less than thirty teams…many from a six team league.  Many from the age of no helmets.  Today’s game is faster, the cup more difficult to win.  Neither has gotten close in the new age/this millennium. The race is on…for Canada’s first new age cup.

Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe, the other Toronto sports take a back seat to Hockey. When the World Cup is mentioned ….I think “World Cup of Hockey”. In Toronto, one sports team dominates….The Toronto Maple Leafs. Not Soccer, Baseball, Basketball or Lacrosse. Hockey….with maybe a little NFL on the side. I am hyped for the new season.  The Hockey Hall of Fame is a short walk from the ACC (Scotiabank Arena).  Seems we will see the current Toronto Leaf players there shortly.  Go Leafs Go!  Let our children stand witness.

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