Global Warming – Crisis or Nonsense

Global Warming.

Carbon is a natural component of our environment, and not pollution.

Canadians should focus on pollution rather than the plant/animal fixed CO2 we are putting back in the atmosphere.
-Fossil fuels are just fixed CO2 by plants and animals
-Humans/nature back carbon in circulation as CO2 for more carbon fixing
-as we put more CO2 into the atmosphere, plants increase rate of carbon fixing.

The planet on average has had more CO2 and higher temperatures in the past (we are currently in an ice age (take a look at the last billion years or so of the earth’s history).

Analytics can be twisted for gain. This is the case here. We take the microscopic hockey stick (last few hundred years) at the end of all of our carbon/temperature curves and we exclude all other data. It is actually ridiculous as more data represents a more accurate picture of the earth.

All the twisting of the facts to justify carbon taxes on the Canadian population.

I do not endorse either of Justin Trudeau or Doug Ford and their policies.  Let us stop pollution and save our planet.  Carbon is a natural entity as part of the carbon cycle and no pollution.

The author is a chemist whom studied climate impact assessment at the University of Toronto.