Carbon Tax or Tax Grab?

The Carbon Tax in Canada is a Tax Grab

It has been noted by scientists around the globe that plant growth increases with CO2 concentration.  CO2 is plant food to build biomass and a natural component of the environment.  With the increasing population of the planet it is a benefit for plants to grow faster.  In Canada, Justin Trudeau wants to tax the carbon emissions. Fossil fuels are natural deposits of plants and animals.  We burn them, release the stored energy and CO2.  CO2 is an essential part of photosynthesis and helps plants to grow.  It  begs the question if the government will attempt to tax sunlight or water?

CO2 is not truly pollution.  It is a natural component of our planet’s atmosphere.  To consider CO2 as pollution or a toxin….you’d have to consider water in the same manner.

Let us fight pollution (The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects.).  This is not CO2.  Let’s fight the actual pollution emitters.  This is just another tax for the sake of taxing.

Greenpeace co-founder (Patrick Moore) is telling us not to worry about CO2 as it is plant food. NASA is telling us that the planet is greening as we put organic CO2 (came from plants and animals) back into the atmosphere.

I really think we should worry about pollution not CO2. Let us clean up the planet, not worry about a natural component that was here and will always be here.

The carbon tax is a tax for the sake of taxation.  Don’t we have enough taxes in Canada already?