Carbon Tax in Canada

Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax

Be Proud.  Canada is not a carbon emitter of consequence, we are a clean country.  Then, why burden our economy with more taxes?  Why target business in Canada with more taxes for no clear reason?  Is this just another tax for the sake of taxing?

Gross Carbon Emission

Country % of Total CO2 Emmision
 China 25.00%
 United States 16.00%
 European Union 11.00%
 Canada 2.00%

Above is a table showing that Canada as a nation, which is larger (Larger carbon sink) than both China and the United States is not emitting CO2 anywhere near those top polluting countries.

If we were to protect the planet with taxes, then carbon taxes should be based upon emission normalized against a country’s land/water area (km^2) not just the gross carbon emission level. The total land/water area represents the carbon sink as well as the diligent. A small amount of a toxin in a lake may not be absorbable whereas this same amount of toxin in an ocean of water has negligible effect. A small country should only produce pollution in a manner that is proportionally to its land mass (proportional to absorption/diluent capacity).  The ocean converts carbon to calcium carbonate.  Plants convert carbon to biomass to grow. If we are to do a tax, then let’s do it right, normalize against a static variable (area).

  • Carbon Taxes should definitely not be based per capita or this could potentially lead to global population increases to justify and increase regional carbon emissions.
  • Secondly a per capita basis for pollution emission seems to accept that a small land mass of high population can pollute significantly beyond what is capable of being absorbed by nature (such as ocean carbon cycle and calcium carbonate formation/land biomass formation).

We should look at the planet and its absorbing capacity, not the human infestation.

If we take just the top two carbon emitters (United States, China) and we set limits based upon Canada’s current emission level as normalized against land mass (0.05 tonnes per KM^2 annually), we can reduce global carbon emission by over 50% annually.

Instead of taxing Canadians  for something we aren’t responsible for wouldn’t it be preferable to have the offenders reduce their emissions. Canada is negligible in the scheme of carbon emitters. Politics and rhetoric pull our eyes off the big producers of carbon emissions.  Those who do the crime should pay for their emissions, not Canadians.   Canada should tax products from all polluting countries (based on on their % of global carbon emissions).  For example (on gross tonnage) a 2% tax on Canadian goods and a 16% tax on US goods.  Force those responsible to clean up.