Canadians Unite For Canada’s Team

Canadians unite under the maple leaf flag, with the team being the only Canadian team left in the Stanley Cup playoffs, we regain our hope for a Cup as a nation.  In 1972 the schools across Canada closed from coast to coast and we held our breath as our warriors fought in the summit series.  Today we unit under the Leaf.  The key part of the Canadian flag and that which symbolizes our hopes and dreams.

As Canadians unite for Canada’s team one can only hope we will obtain our first Stanley cup this millennium.  The NHL consists of 31 teams, 24 of which are based in the United States and seven in Canada.  Therefore 7/31*100=22.5 percent of all NHL teams are Canadian.  So one 5th of all Stanley cups should be won by Canadian teams or one about every five years.  That has not happened.  Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa have made the finals this millennium.  The Montreal Canadiens and the Leafs have not been so good this millennium.  Over the last few years Toronto has rebuilt and added some very strong players and a new coach (Babcock).  Hopefully the leafs can win the cup for Canada and stop the senseless suffering!

Let us all stand witness!  I am Canadian and I am proud of these boys.